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“Timeless favourites and original compositions performed with imaginative flair!”

“Acoustically accompanied vocal virtuosity!”

Sophie Hunter: Voice and percussion.
Michael Chenoweth: Guitar, backing vocals.

Unbound, unhindered and free of preconceived categories, pigeon holes and inside-the-box mentality, Sugarfoot cuts a wide swath through many genres of music. Sophie Hunter and Michael Chenoweth are fans of many styles of North American music and enjoy bringing their multifaceted and versatile abilities to the stage. Acoustic interpretations of favourite Blues, Roots, Jazz, Country, Folk and Rn'B compositions made popular by icons and luminaries like Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Hank Williams, Sarah Vaughan, Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt, Frank Sinatra and many others provide for a pleasingly eclectic experience for Sugarfoot fans. Sophie and Michael being prolific songwriters, many original compositions are also included in their show. Sugarfoot's stripped down sound intentionally exposes the essence of Sophie Hunter's chocolate-smooth yet powerfully soulful vocal delivery and is pure ear candy to experience. Michael Chenoweth's eclectic versatility on guitar provides the perfect underpinning for Hunter's undeniable and wide-ranging virtuosity. A polished, yet informally casual presentation greets you when settling in for a Sugarfoot performance. Seasoned by literally thousands of hours performing live, these two long-time best friends and collaborators share an uncanny ability to communicate on stage without so much as a word - an ability only reserved for those who have the experience of performing countless shows together. Sophie Hunter and Michael Chenoweth very evidently enjoy sharing the stage while presenting all of their favourite songs in all of their favourite styles.

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