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Live Music at the Ironwood Stage and Grill

Live Music at the Ironwood Stage and Grill

Monday March 26 8PM Jon Hines
Tuesday March 27 8PM Dan Duguay's Who Knows Variety Show
Wednesday March 28 8PM Open Mic
Thursday March 29 8PM The Joe Defendants
Friday March 30 9PM Geoff Berner with Richard Inman
Saturday March 31 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday March 31 9PM Todd Stewart, Lighter Than Arrows <======== NEW

Monday April 02 8PM CLOSED
Tuesday April 03 8PM Drew Jones, Rick Poltaruk, Danny Vacon, Craig Aikman, Michela Sheedy <======== NEW
Wednesday April 04 8PM Open Jens Lindemann & BRASSFIRE, CMC's That Time of the Month <======== NEW
Thursday April 05 8PM Tom Phillips celebrates Merle Haggard
Friday April 06 9PM The Kirby Sewell Band
Saturday April 07 2PM Fox Big Band
Saturday April 07 9PM The Kirby Sewell Band
Sunday April 08 2PM Southern Stardust Big Band
Sunday April 08 8PM Ryan Hicks

Monday April 09 8PM Steely Town
Tuesday April 10 8PM Steely Town
Wednesday April 11 8PM Open Mic
Thursday April 12 7PM Dave McCann's Songwriters Circle <======== NEW
Thursday April 12 9:30 Port Cities <======== NEW
Friday April 13 9PM Jory Kinjo
Saturday April 14 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday April 14 9PM Petunia & the Vipers
Sunday April 15 2PM Razzama Jazz Big Band
Sunday April 15 8PM Rosalind, Joe Fraser

Monday April 16 8PM Annie Sumi, Zulu Panda
Tuesday April 17 8PM Albertosaurus <======== NEW
Wednesday April 18 8PM Open Mic, CMC slide show with Andy Genereux
Thursday April 19 8PM CKUA Fundraiser
Friday April 20 9PM Black Hen Road Show
Saturday April 21 2PM Jazz YYC Youth Band Series
Saturday April 21 9PM Well Mannered Thieves
Sunday April 22 2PM Bluegrass Sessions
Sunday April 22 8PM Ryan McNally

Monday April 23 8PM Joe Ceci Fundraiser <======== NEW
Tuesday April 24 8PM Cindy McLeod
Wednesday April 25 8PM Westwinds
Thursday April 26 8PM Slow Leaves, Micah Erenberg
Friday April 27 9PM TBA
Saturday April 28 2PM Prime Time Big Band Brunch
Saturday April 28 9PM CADME
Sunday April 29 2PM CADME Brunch
Sunday April 29 8PM CADME

Monday April 30 8PM CADME


Reservations are strongly recommended for shows.
We don't usually sell tickets - the show price is added to your bill at the end of your evening.
Due to the popularity and demand of many of our performances, private tables are not always available. On busy nights, table seating is often shared with friends you haven't met yet...
We will hold your reservations for 15 minutes after the scheduled time. For sold out shows, we are unable to guarantee your reservations after this time.

Call (403)269-5581 to make a reservation. We do not accept reservations through Twitter or Facebook.

Shows usually start at 8PM on Sunday - Thursdays.
Shows usually start at 9PM on Fridays and Saturdays.
Exact start times are set by the performers, and not by the Ironwood Stage.

SHOW PRICING: In case of discrepancies in ticket prices between this site and the displayed prices at the Ironwood, please note that the Ironwood prices, obviously, are correct.

Sunday- Thursday 8PM
Friday. Saturday 9PM

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No Minors permitted

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