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Show 1 - The Songs of Hank Williams as performed by Three Davids - NQ

Show 1 - The Songs of Hank Williams as performed by Three Davids - NQ

This event is expired ( Oct 11, 2018 )

NIGHT ONE: Thursday October 11th.
-- Showtime at 8:30pm
** Dinner reservations available now at www.northernquarter.ca
** For large group reservations please email dinenq@gmail.com
-- Music by donation, please consider $10 - $20 on a sliding scale

A night of good food, fine drink and great music!

THE SONGS OF HANK WILLIAMS: THREE DAVIDS DO HANK brings David Chenery, Dave Harris, and David P. Smith together in a shifting line-up – trios, duos, and solo – that broadly covers the Hank Williams songbook. You’ll hear the defining hits, obscure hidden gems, weepers, and stompers. This is not a museum piece. The Three Davids are not recreating the sound of Hank Williams and the Drifting Cowboys, they are interpreting the music with love, vitality, respect, energy, and emotion.

DAVID P. SMITH is a multi-disciplinary artist who jumped from visual art, Dadaist performances, and slam style poetry into the Victoria musical scene with the irreverent hillbilly punk band The Dogbreath Brothers. He is an unflinchingly original songwriter who in the past 18 years has released six full length recordings and led a variety of musical projects that have consistently defied convenient genre classifications.

Weaned on Sabbath and The Stooges, nurtured on Nirvana and springing from the fiercely independent DIY punk scene in small town interior BC, DAVID CHENERY is a charismatic performer and prolific songwriter - a punk at heart - whose projects reference a wide spectrum of musical styles including heavy metal, hardcore punk, surf, country, and folk.

DAVE HARRIS is a career musician, professional busker and one man band. A multi-instrumentalist and accomplished songwriter, Dave plays a variety of guitars, fiddle, mandolin, foot drums and is an iconic fixture in downtown Victoria and the inner harbour where he can be found spring through fall performing songs from his encyclopaedic repertoire. He is steeped deeply in blues, folk, rock, and country traditions and has a long and storied career in the Vancouver Island roots music scene.

The common ground these three very different musical forces inhabit is the songs and music of the performer and writer who more than any single person defined what country and western music is: Hank Williams. This year, 2018, marks sixty-five years since his untimely and tragic death, brought on by acute alcoholism, powerful pain-killers prescribed by a quack doctor, and his own fatal personality flaws and self-destructive nature.

Dead at the age of 29 years, he left behind a compelling and affecting body of work. Many of Hank’s songs have become standards of the American songbook and have crossed the boundaries of popular music. They can be acutely sad, seriously silly, or the swinging soundtrack to a party. The rawness of the emotion is real, rarely maudlin, and deep enough to sometimes be unsettling. The imagery is poignant, the humour is sly and irreverent, and this stuff swings baby. These are great songs that continue to be relevant and continue to be discovered by new generations of music lovers.

Two sets, more than 30 songs!

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No Minors permitted
Cover Charge: Music by donation, please consider $10 - $20 on a sliding scale
Tickets available at venue

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