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1 Grand Piano... 7 Personalities

1 Grand Piano....7 Personalities

Here's the 7 personalities... I've had to deal with over my 50-year career as a musician.
Bryant Sailor ( Balladeer), Delvis Claus (Son of Santa), Jimmy Jangles (Country Singer) Delvis O'Brien (Psychic), Mr J. R. Baker (Blewz), Del Ryan (composer, jingle salesman, record producer), Brian (Cocktail Jazz)... to make a long story short.....Hum-a-Few-Bars, and I'll fake it ! .....in the key of life !

I'm behind the piano at the L1 Lounge in the Fantasyland Hotel, Friday and Saturday 9 to midnight.

Thank you.... thank you very much !

No Minors permitted

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