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Vive La Psytrance!

  • Saturday, February 29 at
  • 9 p.m.
  • 10217 97 Street Northwest
    Edmonton, AB
  • (780) 669-5236

Vive La Psytrance!

This event is expired ( Feb 29, 2020 )

After years of voyaging and exploring the wildest forests, deserts, islands, we have gathered experience and knowledge in the Psytrance music, art, and culture to share with all of you here in Edmonton. As dedicated members of the Psytrance culture we invite all of you who share, the same passion and values to come and join us for a wild trancedance and blast with other like-minded people.

On this occasion we are proud to have Jay Michael from Calgary bringing his vibe and unleashing some of his favourite Psytrance tunes. He is a true veteran of the scene, who has shared his talent and experience for many years now. He is actively working and delivering top notch events with Evolve[-]d Productions. Jay Michael is the driving force behind one of the longest, strongest festivals standing Inshala Festival. His work and vibe has led to create very tight community based events that are focused on delivering excellent production experience.

Jay Michael - https://soundcloud.com/jay-michael

Mechanical Laughter alias Brandon is a local hero to Edmontonians. His musical knowledge goes way back, originally performing in many Punk bands. His music evolved since attending Motion Notion, back in 2005. Ever since he is a devoted lover of the psychedelic scene. Recently he has been working with Psyblings production and is eager to further promote the Psytrance culture in YEG by hosting many strong and steady events. He is known for bringing a driving, full on raw style with positive attitude towards the audience.

Mechanical Laughter - https://soundcloud.com/mechanical_laughter


Imagine a cyborg alien space pirate sent from the future with a mission to possess the brains of humanity by means of psychedelic music...that is exactly what Mike Panic’s DJ sets sound like.
Another local hero to Edmontonians; Mike Panic. His combining mixture of Psytrance and synth-wave topped up with vocal samples – are sure to get us dancing and enjoying. With the dynamic range of music throughout his journey, it’s hard not to anticipate where Mike will take us with his music next.
Be sure to catch and follow him on social media to keep up to date with all the great releases and shows he has coming your way!


A newcomer to the Alberta scene Martin alias Toky. Was born in Macedonia and spent his teenage years hanging with all the psychedelic heavy hitters. Through these childhood connections it was only a matter of time before he began to spin tunes on cd decks. Being positively inspired by the local music wizards and the vibe in the scene he continued to explore more of this around Europe. Under his belt he has played at various festivals, squad parties, forest gatherings and indoor clubs in many European cities. He is a proud member of the Axios Records family. Years later he landed in Alberta, where he eagerly aims to promote Psychedelic Trance culture and keep the legacy growing.


Deco by: Mario

Make sure to get your presale pass, as this is a limited venue.

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No Minors permitted
Cover Charge: CA$13.18
Advance Tickets Available

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